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Commission work and services

I often get asked if I do commissions and the answer is always yes! I love the challenge of bringing someone's idea to life; whether it's a one-off custom for promotional purposes, a birthday present for a Dad or a run of 20 figures for a band. Hit me up and let me know, I'd love to hear your ideas. For an example of my commissioned work, see the pictures below. 

Sleaford mods.
With the Blessing from the lads themselves and their management this was a really exciting release for me.
It soon became apparent that the first run was going to be a sell out.


Not only was it fun producing a double figure pack - I had the privilege of working alongside Nick Andrews aka Toy Art UK with his invaluable guidance and professionalism,

The card back was designed by my close friend and incredibly talented Tom Skelton.

The Grafitti Kings

Wobblenauts for "The Wallowing".

The Wallowing are a British black metal band with a huge dedicated following with a reputation for their incredible live performance.

The Infernal Sea